Friday, December 4, 2015

The Search For Love - Ashish Dommety

Before I started practicing Heartfulness meditation, I always had this consistent feeling that I was searching for love in a dark room.
I remember being 6 or 7 years old catching small insects and putting them in boxes so that they could be my pets and I could love them, but of course the futility of their life was always a disappointment.
 As I grew older I noticed myself trying to find things to love on the outside. My life was constantly being centered on things, animals and people, and as a result, the sense of love in my life was as fragile as the lives of everything that I believed to have loved.
And heartbreak after heartbreak I was nearing the zenith of my efforts, almost deciding to give up on love itself.
However, just as I was at the tip of the cliff, I found Heartfulness meditation and had a taste of that which I was craving for. I was on top of the moon! One cannot help but feel like an idiot searching for something on the outside when it was within all along! It felt somewhat like looking for your keys all over the house when you eventually find that they were in your pocket all along.

I slowly began to dive deeper into the heart, learning more and more about myself and falling in love with whatever that is inside of me. My life slowly and gradually started to take a turn to a brighter and lighter version of myself. I found myself to be more easy-going and have the ability to make decisions from my heart.
I began to love myself as if I was a child - delicately, ensuring that every day I grew into a better human being than I was the previous day.
This feeling of self-compassion and empathy began to take such strong roots within me and I finally felt like I was standing on firm ground.  It seemed impossible for anything to hamper this silent light within my heart that I find glowing and growing each and every morning after I complete my meditation.
And to my surprise, I find this love expanding outside of me and embracing everything around me.
I’ve only been practicing Heartfulness meditation for about a year, and I can only wonder in amazement at how much it can do for the world in the time to come, and be thankful for how much it has done for me so far.
The best part is I feel as if I have found love, but in a way, I am still searching for it as I happily dive deeper within myself, making this journey one that will continue to soften and expand my heart.

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  1. Wonderful expression of love from heart, Ashish!! Heartfulness nourishes our soul and makes us look forward to living. Have you met the Masters of this meditation Chariji and Kamlesh D. Patel?